Why Choose Us?
You will SAVE TIME:
You are more than capable of washing your car or taking it in to your local car wash business but it takes "The Car Wash Heroes"  less time to wash your car because we use waterless products. No need for buckets,or soap, or hoses! Not only that, we also come to your home, work, school, and even gym. No more pulling the hose into your driveway or rushing during lunch or after work to get you car wash. "The Car Wash Heroes" will save you that precious time. 
You will SAVE MONEY:
Because we’re WATERLESS you will SAVE MONEY on your monthly water bill! AND because we’re mobile, you will SAVE MONEY by using less gas to take you to other car wash establishments! Our lowest price/service offered is $20 & no higher than $50, while other's can charge up to $150-$250!
You will SAVE WATER:
By being WATERLESS, YOU help contribute by saving the community’s water supply! How so? If each traditional washing method uses 80-100 gallons that’s between 960-1,200 gallons of water saved! Become an ambassador for your community and be a HERO for your planet.
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